What If Google Was a Guy

Everything you ask Google sounds a lot stupider when you actually ask Google.

Putting together the cast for this one was such fun.

Directed by Tim Wilkerson, Produced by David Kerns and Dan Siegel, Written by Streeter Seidell, and starring Brian HuskeyElaine Carroll, George Basil, Scott Blair, Jess Rona, Nicole Byer, Nick Mundy, David Theune, John Livingstone, Marques Ray, Emily Axford, Pat Cassels, Dan Gurewitch, and Brennan Gale.

What a prime deli of good human meat, featuring my long-time comedy crush Brian Huskey. A very funny video from Streeter, Tim, and friends. My favorite: “Dexter based on real?”




"Precious Plum: A Swim in Shit." Watching Josh nearly drown in his fat suit will forever be burned into my memory. Special thanks to Nicole Byer and Luke Sholl.

Josh had two fat suits - one to wear under his costume and another for his nude scenes, complete with pubes and nipples. When we were wrapped shooting at the pond, Josh waded out of the water and the fat suit was so saturated that it weighed a ton. So, in classic Josh Ruben fashion, he crouched down and squeezed, ringing out the fat suit like a giant sponge, and water came gushing out of the crotch at full blast, like somebody turned on a faucet. 



Precious Plum is back with 10 new episodes starting today! 

Precious Plum is a Honey Boo Boo parody series written by Elaine and I, directed by me, and starring Elaine and Josh. You can watch the first episode here. These new episodes wouldn’t be possible without the help of Jon Wolf, Michele Santoro, Mike Schaubach, and a bunch of other awesome, patient, and resourceful people.

If the first 3 episodes were an exercise in horribleness, these 10 are a marathon in it. But I love them, and I love them deeply. They’re all mixed up with my love of Josh and Elaine. I can’t tell the difference between the inside jokes and the outside jokes anymore. It’s one big, ugly, wonderful piece of shit-funny.

Please enjoy, like, and share this awful, awful thing.